Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog
Blogs allow children to express themselves through writing and pictures. It gives students an audience for their work outside of their classroom. Not only can the audience read what the children have written, they can comment as well and contribute to the children's learning.

The blogging tools you could use include:
Classblogmeister - Example: My grade one blog uses this tool
Kidblog - Example: Grade One students
Blogger - Example: Six and seven year olds in Australia use this tool.
Edublogs - Example: A first grade blog

You can check out more examples of primary blogs here.

This is an example of a student's blog portfolio for the entire school year.


external image 4673997721_500136845b_m.jpg
Twiducate is a private twitter-like service for your classroom, created by teachers. Here and here are screenshots of it in use.

Creating Books

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My Storymaker allows users to create a story entirely online. The user can choose characters and the character's goal for the story. Settings and other items for the story are added to the picture by simply clicking on them. The author can also choose emotions, actions and interactions for the characters, which the characters then act out in the picture. As the characters do this, the text of their actions appears below them. This text can be edited and the final story can be printed.

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Storybird is a book creation site. You choose characters and scenes from a large selection of pre-made pictures and add the text. Once the stories have been approved, they can be embedded into a portfolio. An example of a student's story can be found here, Storybirds can also be used for math or other subjects.


Spelling City
Spelling City

Spelling City is an excellent way to practice spelling lists. Type in your spelling words, and the site will generate ten games to help you practice them. It will also "teach" you the words by saying them aloud, spelling them aloud and using them in a sentence for you. It will also test you to see if you have learned them.


Concrete Poetry
Concrete Poetry

Concrete Poetry the easy way. Choose a shape and drag in the words that you would like--or add your own. Printable.