Wordle creates word cloud out of words or text. Use it for spelling lists, unique Mother's/Father's Day gifts, to introduce vocabulary--ideas for ways to use it are endless. Here a grade one class used Wordle to share the things they could already do at the beginning of the school year.

Hints for using Wordle:
The more often you type a word, the larger it becomes in the Wordle.
Experiment with different colours, fonts and layouts.
Put a ~ between words you wish to keep together such as Mother's~Day.
To save the image on a PC computer:
Push the print screen key. Open the Paint program and "Paste" the image of the whole screen into Paint. You can then use the cropping tool to choose only the image you want. Copy this smaller image, then paste it into a new window of Paint. Save this image using the File, Save from the menu at the top.
To save the image on a Mac computer:
Hold down Command, Shift and 4 at the same time. Use the cursor that appears to draw a box around what you want in your image. When you release the mouse click, the image will be saved to your desktop.

external image 3897369780_5a0c77b369_m.jpg NeoK12 is a list of free online videos in every subject area. You can search the videos by topic, or look at all of the videos in a given subject area. The videos have all been reviewed and screened by K-12 teachers.
For example, here is an example of an alphabet chant video. This movie about Big Cats lends itself well to questions about movement, colour, size etc.

external image 3896709027_50df88e396_m.jpg
Search Arkive to find images and video of almost any animal. For example, there are images and short videos of the curled octopus here.

external image 3913015653_dcb34ae9d1_m.jpg Kideos is a collection of Youtube videos for ages 0 - 10. This short video about a cat lends itself well to viewing questions such as "What does the size of things you see tell you?" and "What movement do you see?"

external image 3913861396_6f070ceef2_m.jpg
Earth-Touch has excellent, short, high-quality videos about science-related topics such as animals, plants and habitats. These videos can also be used as excellent viewing opportunities.


WatchKnow organizes videos from the web into categories in language arts, mathematics, science, etc.