Drawing Programs

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Dreezle is an online drawing program. You can change the colour or style of the drawing tool as well as stamp some images. When the drawing is complete, it can be printed or saved on your computer.

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On the Crayola site, children can choose the type of Crayola product and the colour to create the drawing.

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Paint Go is an ABCya site. Students can draw using pencil, a variety of brushes or a paint can. There is also a text tool.

To save these images on a PC computer:
Push the print screen key. Open the Paint program and "Paste" the image of the whole screen into Paint. You can then use the cropping tool to choose only the part of the image you want. Copy this smaller image, then paste it into a new window in Paint. Save this image using File, Save from the menu at the top.
To save these images on a Mac computer:
Hold down Command, Shift and 4 at the same time. Use the cursor that appears to draw a box around what you want in your image. When you release the mouse click, the image will be saved to your desktop.


Screen_shot_2010-10-03_at_7.07.56_PM.pngSketchcast is also a drawing tool. Students can make a video of up to 20 minutes of their drawing process, and the result can be embedded. Students can show their learning about any topic. Here is a student's representation of her mother.

Videos to Demonstrate Learning

Video is a powerful way to record and demonstrate learning.

You can find more information about using video in the classroom here.

Making a Movie from Photos

Animoto is a free program that converts your photos or images (and text) into a video complete with music. Here is an example of Animoto used to show grade one learning reflections.